SalutemЕ products are the best investment into your health!

Hello friends! Welcome to our SalutemЕ online store.

Since you are here, it means that you had enough of synthetics and chemistry in everyday life. If you are looking for natural materials, our products are exactly what you need. Our Website is called SalutemE not for nothing. The most exact translation of this name into English is "Health." It's not just a beautiful name. It is a direction, even the entire idea of life in the midst of daily necessities that improve human health. Our products are destined to maintain human health. Good sleep, wonderful mood in the morning and throughout the day — all these things are possible. We make products from moss, hemp, pine needle, and flax. All this was gathered and dried under the unique technology, and we saved these gifts and power of nature in Saluteme products. Purchase of such an item will be one of the best investments into healthy sleep.

We should be the most attentive to things we touch the most often. They have a stronger influence on us as it may seem, especially at night, when we sleep and our body is the most vulnerable. This applies to adults. And a child's body is more sensitive to external irritants. Avoiding future problems is possible already today. Bedding items from live natural flax and even moss provide comfort and safety.

Sphagnum (moss), hemp fiber and flax fiber have properties that are very important for health:

• high hygroscopic properties;

• wonderful air permeability;

• antibacterial and antifungal effect;

• natural temperature regulation;

• hypoallergenicity;

• delicate massage with the effect and stimulation of blood circulation.

Plant materials are the natural protection of a man in aggressive environment. The mission of ECO DREAM LLC is to encourage people to use natural and eco-friendly products.

In addition, all the products we offer are completely handmade. This applies to all stages, from the base collection to packaging.

We offer you the entire set for your bedroom and for the entire house. Pillows, quilt bedspreads, quilt blankets, cushions, padded stools, bolsters and other products from moss, pine needle, flax, and hemp. All plant materials were gathered in ecologically clean areas of Novgorod Region.

Our founder and CEO is Maria Viktorovna Belkova, the member of the Female Entrepreneurship Development Committee of Novgorod Regional Department "OPORA ROSSII." She is a creative and initiative person who is not afraid to break the ice and to prove to all foreign manufacturers that Veliky Novgorod is also able to produce competitive goods. Her labor is socially oriented, she helps craftsmen and provides employment opportunities to village residents in Novgorod Region, where finding job is very difficult. Maria Viktorovna is ready for any collaboration in promotion of the unique products that are unmatched in the world.

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Promotion of the year!

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Mother's Day

Moms deserve a holiday every day. The most important gift is the words of love from the child. Value your moms, love them, and take care of them!



Care symbols

Care symbols

Follow washing and care recommendations to provide long life and excellent look of your things. What do symbols on tags indicate?

Уход за льняным постельным бельем

Уход за льняным постельным бельем

Льняное белье пользуется большой популярностью. Чтобы постельное белье долго вам служило и радовало взгляд, за ним нужно правильно ухаживать.

Биоэнергетика сосны

Биоэнергетика сосны

Деревья обладают энергетикой, при общении человека с деревом происходит активный обмен энергиями, способствующий оздоровлению организма.